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Scariest Haunted Streets In The World

Many love to visit thrilling adventures than a regular place. There are a lotof those locations to visit and lot such unrevealed secrets present behind many haunted places. But it’s alittle bit interesting to experience that paranormal activity and to know the real facts about the particular haunted location. Here are some of such scariest haunted streets in the world just have a look.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is famous for the headless Templar Knight, who’s regularly spotted trotting down the cobbled streets at night gripping his head in one hand. A living bystander must catch his sword and stab him in the heart.Lies Houska Castle, where Nazi officers supposedly ran secret experiments throughout the war. In the ground lies a building that was allegedly built to cover a hole full of demons.


Some say it’s the most haunted location in Asia. Maybe the city’s freakiest sight is which many people say conceals among the genuine gates of hell, a theme park built in 1937 to illustrate Chinese folklore, and Haw Par Villa. Security guards report weird sound screams, along with the displays feature creepy waxwork individuals torturing each other. Some say these models are dead people covered in wax.
Mexico, Chichen Itza

This massive Mayan city in Yucatan, constructed around the sixth century, boasts a ball game court an enormous pyramid, and towering stone statuary and temples. Some pretty amazing things happenhere.

Toowoomba, Australia

Toowoomba in southern Queensland recently seen a remarkable spate of the paranormal phenomenon where individuals take photos of scenes, then draw on circles that were red around fuzzy shadows that are the ghosts. Toowoomba Ghost Chasers, who have their very own Facebook page and “photographic proof” of the existence of a spirit who jump within the tombstones in a graveyard. There are more such world’s most haunted places to visit.

South Carolina, Greenville

In mid-August, the individuals of this fast growing, the yuppie-friendly city heard disturbing rumors that loitering had been started by some clowns in the woods near an apartment complex. A little boy, who apparently saw two comedians: one created the very first alleged sighting. It had been reported the clowns were trying to entice him (and subsequently other children) into the woods with cash. But his fellow policemen and Greenville’s deputy sheriff were nonplussed every time we’ve gone out there,” he said, “we haven’t seen any clowns.”

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